Confessions of a former anti-imperialist

Should America leave other countries alone? It’s an easy thing to agree with – why should we bother them? But what does that mean, exactly? Is it even practical in the modern world, with air travel, open internet, and the like? Are we even leaving countries alone now? Or is our culture infesting everything, are our corporations franchising everywhere? What’s the difference between what we do now, and colonialism? This is the key point.

Confessions of a former anti-racist

What is it to be against racism? It’s an easy thing to support, if you have any empathy – these people are just like us; and it’s true, as far as it goes: we are all human. But is there more? Have we forgotten something? Do our families matter? And how many levels of human relation beyond our family matter to our identities, and our histories, and therefore, our futures? Do these anti-racists also think we can choose even our families? This is the key point.

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